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first light wilderness photography

Available sizes:

Unframed unmounted photographs are available for purchase in various sizes : A3+ (approximately 33cm x  48cm; 13"X19" ), A3 (approximately 29cm x 42cm; 11.5" x 16.7")  and A4 (approximately 21cm x 30cm; 8.25" x 11.75") on gloss or matt paper.

Prices for unmounted unframed prints:

Prices for the unframed unmounted prints will vary according to size of the print, and postage according to your location.   A3+ photographs are available at AU$60.00 plus postage, A3 photographs are AU$50.00 plus postage, and A4 are AU$25.00 plus postage.    We will confirm the price of your prints and postage costs prior to purchase.

Greeting cards, post cards, laminated prints, mounted prints, framed prints, canvas prints and calendars can be purchased at


The non-digital photographs have been scanned from transparencies by Bond Imaging, Richmond, Australia, using state of the art processes.

The printed photographs are of archival quality, but should not be displayed in direct sunlight.   

Colour, black and white

In some cases (mostly in the 'Victoria' gallery) colour, black and white or black and white warmtone images are available. At the bottom of these images it will say 'colour', 'B&W', 'warmtone'. Click on the 'B&W' or 'warmtone' to view these versions.

If you have enquiries or wish to purchase photographs, please contact us with your selection and requirements.