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first light wilderness photography

Kevin McGennan

Kevin McGennan lives in the Ovens Valley of north east Victoria, Australia. His work as an artist is usually done in some of the most inhospitable environmental conditions.  He has worked in the wet coldness of Tasmanian wilderness areas and in the heat and sand of remote outback Australia.  He uses lightweight equipment to access extreme locations, at times perched on the edge of a cliff and at other times on a rock in an ice-cold river.  Many photographs are of places only accessible after many days of arduous bushwalking.  The photographs evoke a sense of place and a determination to protect the wild and special.  They are striking for their dramatic presentation of the natural and physical environment. 

Many of the images on this site are high resolution scans of transparencies. All of Kevin's current work is shot on a DSLR camera.

Wilderness photography is Kevin McGennan's passion and he regards the diversity of the Australian landscape as nothing short of breathtaking.


Kevin McGennan has been a regular contributor to the calenders and diaries published by Australian Conservation Foundation and The Wilderness Society during the last 20 years.  Wild Magazine (Australia's leading bushwalking magazine  - www.wild.com.au ) and 40 Degrees South (Tasmanian coffee table magazine - www.fortysouth.com.au) have published folios of Kevin McGennans' photographs.

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